Free mini-course: Intro to Lean-Agile Service Design

SDN Academy Online (14 April 2020)


14 April 2020
18:00 - 20:00 CEST

(Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid)

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SDN Academy Online

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In response to the coronavirus crisis and as a service to our community, the SDN Academy and this trainer are offering this event for free

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Learn more about Lean-Agile Service Design in this SDN Academy Online event.

What to expect?

Our webinar is an exceptional blend of three different mindsets which share similar values and philosophy – Lean, Agile and Service Design. All of them have iterative nature and can be logically united in the cycle of product/service development. Moreover, it’s not only theoretical overview of various approaches but natural practical implementation of the new knowledge for solution of real-life problem.  We would like to prove that anyone in any organization can adopt these new mindsets and use new tools in their work. 

Registration deadline: 13 April 2020

What to expect from this training?

We have decided to combine our knowledge and experience about Lean, Agile and Service Design into this webinar in order to prove that all three mindsets add up logically to each other and benefits of their joint usage can be phenomenal.


Our goal is to empower people in making things simpler and better, in developing abstract thinking and helicopter view. Our vision is in our day-to- day actions and attitude to life. We are passionate about Service Design and share the SDN mission "Service Design will become a new normal". Also, we are dedicated Agile evangelists but with common sense in head not turning it unto cargo cult Agile rather making best use of it where appropriate. Finally, Lean thinking is the foundation of our everyday routine where we try to deliver the value to our clients in shortest terms but with sensible investments.


Our mission as trainers is to motivate people in becoming agents of change in their environment, organization or community. We do this by inspiring them to try on a new mindset, to broaden their horizons, to experiment with Service Design approach. We have developed this mission for ourselves, as our own example we know that Service Design helps to reach their ability in achieving results beyond the expectations. Our philosophy as trainers is not to teach people, rather to help them discover a hidden potential by living Service Design philosophy, going deep into Service Design as a tool, method, mindset, managing approach, cross-disciplinary language. Our vision is in our environment, to connect passionate individuals that share their successes, failures and experiments in the field of Service Design, to explore on application of Service Design in different spheres, and to learn from each other, as well as to promote service design as a mindset for a structured problem solving.


On the other hand, we strongly believe that Lean-Agile multiplies the outcomes of Service Design and boosts the implementation of the solutions discovered and elaborated. Thus, in our workshops we spread the word about benefits that Agile brings namely, cross-functional self-organizing empowered teams, increased speed of collaboration and delivery, improved quality and reaching organizational agility after all.


Our approach in conducting training courses is to blend theory and practice as much as possible in order to prove the advantages of Service Design and Lean-Agile. Only by experiential learning one can truly touch and feel the outcomes and real value of these mindsets that will stay with participants in their life after the workshop.


After our workshop attendees will understand how to efficiently work using Lean-Agile and Service Design, and how to use these philosophies in order to generate, develop and deliver products and services.


Encounter with Lean thinking will teach the power of relentless improvement and learning together with eliminating waste in all aspects of product design and development.


After all, one of the key learnings might become business agility as a new trend in world economics referring to ability to adapt and respond rapidly to changing demands of the market, focused on innovation, quick time-to-market and symbiotic collaboration of various functions of the business.


Finally, everyone may well become a faithful Service Design believer that will spread Lean-Agile Principles and Values within their Teams and Organizations.



Kateryna Zaiko

SDN-accredited Trainer

Symphony Solutions, Head of Design Office

Andriy Romanukha

Invited Trainer
Scrum Master at Symphony Solutions

Agile Coach, Certified SAFe Scrum Master

 SAFe Agilist

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