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Service Design for Resilient Strategic Planning
- Service Designers as a Change Agent

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Create a resilient strategic plan that puts your organisation on solid footing now and in the future.


Strategic planning can seem daunting and highly company focused. However using the right tools, willingness to experiment, engaging people at levels in the company, making tough decisions and having the courage to implement, can make a difference. Using design thinking and service design tools and skills, makes the process people-centric, accountable, and measurable, while constantly adapting it to the changing business conditions increasing the odds of success.


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Registration deadline: 9 June 2021


Context setting: Identify broad input to strategy to challenge the logic of your thinking in articulating a clear direction



Correlate Strategy to Purpose, Vision, Values, Goals, Actions and Leadership Traits



Create scenarios, validate strategy assumption and crystallize key decisions



Methods for effective implementation, employee engagement and accountability



Recovery: How to accelerate growth through the digital-led recovery?



Retooling: What parts of the organization need to change in the new normal?



Re-imagine/Re-architect: How to reimagine the business model to build this new normal?



Resilience: How to build resilience into the planning process and become antifragile?



Strategy Activation: Engaging and empowering employees to implement the strategy, ensure learning and adaptation with constant feedback loops



Role of service designers as change agents - to help shape how things will work inside an organization to provide value to stakeholders.


The data-driven approach serves to investigate the context, by understanding key stakeholder demands, interests and preferences; keeping pulse on disruptive technologies, innovation drivers, and economic signals. The outside-in perspective helps plan for different economic scenarios and outcomes in a range of time frames.

By creating tangible prototypes of  future journeys helps prioritise the projects and agree on the direction to kick-off the ideation for the different activities on the roadmap. Service design improves the experiences of both the user and employees across all levels to better support customer journeys. It does so by identifying and finding ways to eliminate the roadblocks and breaking down the departmental silos,  oversee allocation of capital and other resources to optimise operations. Engaging employees right from the start of  the planning cycle ensures, people unite behind a new strategy as they have a shared logic behind the need for change and support strategy activation.

What are the takeaways from this training?

In the four-day interactive workshop, Dr. Vidya Priya Rao energies participants to breathe new life into the strategic planning and activation process.  

  • Refresher to fundamentals of business strategy and strategic planning

  • Find out how strategy moves from concept through implementation to activation/realisation to create value for stakeholders

  • Co-create strategies to get ahead of competitors using a process of proactive obsolescence

  • Create stimuli’s that shapes strategic planning conversations

  • Identify internal weaknesses that will hinder strategic success

  • Use OKRs to cascade strategic goals throughout the organisation

  • Ways to monitor progress of strategic objectives 

  • Identify ways to empower employees at all levels, influence to shift their mindset and inspire behavioural change

  • Use a proven approach to anticipate change and determine how to act

Who is this course for?
Service designers, strategy team members, senior leaders responsible for defining the strategic objectives, key employees who will be the champions of implementation over the planning horizon

Course prerequisites

High-level agenda

Work at the intersection of service design and business strategy management, and how to get beyond the blueprint to build a future-proof organisation.

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"I feel like this course has been a missing link as I have been trying to move into service design – it felt like I was a finance person/service designer and they didn’t intersect – so this is actually incredibly powerful.”

Kara Snyder, Course Participant, March 2021



Dr. Vidya Priya Rao

SDN invited Trainer

Founder - Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP,

Author I Blogger I Coach I Design Consultant I Educator

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