Service Design and Future Forecasting

Cologne (25 Oct 2019)


25 Oct 2019

09:00 - 17:00

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21 Nov 2019 (Munich)



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The world is speeding up and the stakes are only getting higher. How can service designers more deliberately influence and prepare for challenges and significant shifts in environment, society, technology and politics? By developing a structured way to think about the future, we can find ways to look beyond the noise of the present to work towards preferred outcomes for service providers, users and stakeholders. In this one day workshop we’ll introduce the concept of developing a futures mindset, scanning the fringes for signals of change and applying that insight to make better choices as service designers in the present.


Registration deadline: 17 Sep 2019


Service designers are often dealing with insight in the rear view mirror - what users needed yesterday, current constraints, norms and possibilities. What a service needs to do for people in the future is hard to predict. This introduction to futures thinking will give service designers a primer in key concepts of foresight and some practical ways to begin to apply it within a service design context. We will cover horizon scanning frameworks like STEEP, critical thinking methods to understand consequences of change and ways to bring to life the impact of the future on people, processes and technology.

After this day you will be able to:


  • Understand and communicate the benefits of a futures thinking approach

  • Know how to build a futures thinking mindset

  • How to frame futures questions for a service design project

  • How to collect and analyse signals of change

  • Begin to think through potential forecasts and their impact

What to expect?

An introduction to the topic of foresight, with a mix of collaborative practical exercises and presented material. 

Who the workshop is for

Service designers, service design managers, design strategists

Course prerequisites

Some practical experience working in Service Design, UX, innovation or a related discipline. Some theoretical knowledge of design process(es). 

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  • Developing a foresight mindset

  • Foundational foresight concepts

  • Foresight in service design

  • Framing the future

  • Horizon scanning & signals

  • Developing forecasts

  • Mapping consequences for services

  • Scenarios and the future human

  • Planning and tracking change



Cologne, Germany


SDN Headquarters

Josephstraße 31-33

50678 Cologne, Germany




Neil Collman

Invited Trainer


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