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Service Design and Future Forecasting

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A course by Neil Collman


Dates:   TBA

Hours:  17:00 - 19:30 GMT




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Neil Collman (he/him)
Nile HQ

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What to expect?

The world is facing a trifecta of radical shifts: post-covid aftershocks, climate crisis, and technological revolution – the stakes are only getting higher. How can service designers more deliberately influence and prepare for challenges and significant next-order impacts for the environment, society, technology, and politics? By developing a structured way to think about the future, we can find ways to look beyond the noise of the present to be better prepared as service designers, users, and stakeholders. In this two-part online workshop, we’ll introduce the concept of developing a future mindset, scanning the fringes for signals of change, and applying that insight to make better choices as service designers in the present.

What are the takeaways from this training?

After this workshop you will be able to:​

  • Understand and communicate the benefits of a futures thinking approach

  • Know how to build a futures thinking mindset

  • Frame futures questions for a service design project

  • Collect and analyse signals of change

  • Begin to think through potential forecasts and their impact

Who is this course for?

Service designers, service design managers, design strategists.


  • Introduction to foresight and futures studies

  • Fitting futures into your service design process

  • Getting into a futures mindset

  • Framing your futures research

  • Finding and using signals of change

  • Understanding consequences of change

  • Developing simple scenarios

  • Translating impacts for service design

  • Building a future ready culture in your org

€18  €20

Registration closed

*Registration limited to a maximum of 20 people



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