Three Perspectives from Three Leaders of the Service Design Industry

This is Service Design Doing, published in January 2018, has basically become the holy grail of the service design industry. It stands to reason then, that when three of the key authors of the book come together for an exclusive three-day short course at the Service Design Network Academy, there is a profound sense of excitement to hear what they have to say.

The SDN Academy is pleased to welcome thought leaders Marc Stickdorn, Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence to our online programming under the title “Advancing Service Design: Three Perspectives (September 22-24, 2020).” This course was developed for practitioners, UX specialists, design researchers and other industry stakeholders who are looking to “skill-up” across three targeted areas: collaboration, prototyping, and journey mapping. Using their book as an important resource during the event, our authors will take you on a journey of the 12 commandments of service design as a means to further reinforce the course work and to ultimately help you revolutionise the services you create.

Join this course and you, in turn, can take advantage of unprecedented access to these champions of service design—to their thinking, perspectives and approach. Curious how to effectively evaluate journey maps, strategically build your own prototyping stack, or show multiple journeys on one journey map? You have got the questions and they have got the answers.

What Birgit Mager, President of the SDN said about This is Service Design Doing, “Excellent! A very clear and engaging introduction to Service Design, combining in fine balance the Why, the What and the How, and always integrating the practitioners perspective. This book fills a gap – it is a must-read for those who want to design services that create value!”

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SDNA on-demand course

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