Duda Rodrigues

Invited Trainer


Toronto, Canada

Non-stop person interested in creative processes and who understands design as a way of thinking , facilitating conversations and telling stories and not merely an artifact. Over time these thoughts became more significant and essential reflecting on how she dealt with projects and on her interests of growth as a professional, which today aims at developing strategic projects for a wider range of economic sectors using design as background.​


Holds an Industrial Design Degree from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro — UFRJ, where she understood that Design equals Experience. Through the years she had been in places that luckily gave her the chance to work with design in its many ways and the soon she got in touch with digital/interaction design, she fell in love with what great code + well-done design could do.​


Aside from all of this, she have dedicated herself to the organization of few side projects, mostly related to Brazilian’s design scenario like RDesign (2010), NDesign (2011) and also the organization of a TEDx event (TEDxUFRJ — 2012) which had taught her a lot about work processes, collaboration and multidisciplinary. ​


Formerly a graphic designer and later an interaction one, this new mindset led her to many places across the world to work with innovation consultancy where she puts all her energy and design skills in practice to deliver better services.​


Toronto, CA


English, Portuguese


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Invited Trainer

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