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Design Your Employee Experience

A course by Service Design Academy

Registration deadline: Jun 1, 2023


Dates:  June 1 & 8, 2023

Hours:  both days 10:00 - 16:00 BST (UTC+1)

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Location: Zoom

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Service Design Academy
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What is Employee Experience?

Business owners have already embraced the idea of providing good customer service. They know that treating their customers well and ensuring that their needs are met has a direct impact on their bottom line.

Recently, companies have shifted their focus to include investing in their employees as well. The size, industry, and location of your business doesn’t matter, employee experience is about giving employees the workspace they want, the tools they need and a culture they can celebrate.

Employee Experience is the result of all the interactions an employee has with their employer. Its closely related to employee engagement and focuses on creating a great working environment for organisations to get the most out of their people.

What are the benefits of a good employee experience?

Research, by Gallup, shows connected employees achieve 37% higher performance at work. And 89% of executives say better employee experience leads to better customer experience.


This data is clear: Employee experience is not a nice to have, it’s a business imperative. Engaged employees means happy customers, which leads to better business outcomes. And that’s a win for everyone.


When employees succeed, companies succeed. Designing your employee experience leads to:

  • Lower turnover rates

  • Attracting high quality candidates

  • Improved products and services

  • Improved communication and deeper engagement between management and employees

  • Employees who are more focussed on contributing to company success

  • A more collaborative environment

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Improved productivity

  • Amore inclusive workforce

  • An innovative workforce and a great employer brand

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to improve the employee experience by putting them at the heart of the design process.

You might be in a role in a people team, HR, recruitment, OD, a hiring manager; one of the many people who are part of the end-to-end employee experience.

In a world where money is no longer the primary motivating factor focusing on the employee experience is the most promising competitive advantage that organisations can create. 

Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage

59% of employees wouldn't recommend their organisation as a good place to work

Perbox: The enormous cost of unhappy employees at the workplace

Three in five employees feel disengaged from their workplace as organisations struggle to form a post-pandemic work culture in the hybrid world 

HR News: The Great Disconnection Costing Billions

The Details

Delivered remotely over 2 days, 10am – 4pm, these live and interactive sessions will cover:

Understanding the employee experience

Day 1 gives you a solid introduction to Service Design and how the approach can be used to impact the employee experience. We will cover methods and techniques to better understand the current experience and how to apply a holistic approach to problem solving. You will use tools throughout the course that will enable you to drive innovation within your organisation.


Developing and Delivering Solutions

Day 2 gives you the opportunity to apply a variety of ideation tools to start developing ideas. Progressing into a project planning tool to map out your problems from start to finish. This enables you to turn your concepts into a reality. These ideas will be brought to life through rapid prototyping before presenting your prototypes to the wider audience.


You will:

  • be introduced to the Service Design approach and mindset

  • develop an understanding of the importance of the end-to-end employee experience

  • develop a people centred approach to create the future of work at your organisation

  • learn how you can increase employee satisfaction by developing ways to improve the employee experience


Next Course

Thursday 1 and 8 June 2023 

Anywhere! Online course via Zoom and Miro

A 45 minute Miro session is offered for anyone who needs to learn the basics




“I’m proud to be an editor on the Service Design Network's next Touchpoint issue, highlighting the hot topic of Designing Employee Experience. From our training and education programmes, and work with corporate partners, designing employee experience well means genuinely understanding your people's needs, and is critical to retention, productivity and trust. When employees succeed, businesses succeed. I believe that service design opens new opportunities for business to create better experiences for their people.

Katie Murrie, Service Design Academy


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