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Mauricio Manhaes

Service Design Master

Savannah, United States


Service Design Consultant


English, Portuguese, French, Spanish

Accreditation type:

Service Design Master




With over 10 years of experience in service design, Mauricio works with companies to design next-generation products and experiences that leverage human-centered artificial intelligence (HCAI). He has a PhD in Knowledge Management and Engineering, focusing on service innovation and diversity.

His mission is to create innovative and impactful service offerings that enhance human-AI-human collaborative performance. He has researched, developed, and applied a value-driven Service Design framework based on Generative Artificial Intelligence, Human Language, and Associative Memory Networks. He has also led service design programs, teams, and projects across various sectors, including education, banking, and non-profit. Additionally, he is the Group Lead of the Service Design Network Academic Task Force, where he advises the service design community on how to support and foster service design academic programs worldwide. He is passionate about advancing the field of service design and empowering businesses and communities with human-centered design, service design, and innovation programs.

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