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Twisha Shah-Brandenburg

Invited Trainer

Chicago, United States





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Invited Trainer


United States


Twisha has been a Service Design Leader for the last 20 years. Her joy comes from helping organizations ask the question of who they want to be in the future. Her experience has been at the cross-section of understanding business realities, technological constraints, and consumer needs. She leads projects and teams that deliver thoughtful results from close collaborations and the power of intelligent storytelling.

Currently, She is responsible for shaping and operationalizing new initiatives across Loyalty, Digital, and Enterprise at Target. In her past lives, her teams have shipped products that support access to work for gig workers at Instacart, redesigned the Venmo platform to be ready for their neo-banking capabilities while launching their inaugural credit card, and scaled the BMW app to be globally available across five continents. Before her tech career, she spent time helping organizations such as Grainger and The Field Museum, to name a few, through their digital transformations.

Outside of industry, Twisha is also an adjunct faculty at DePaul University, Chicago. She actively helps future technologists/designers understand the power of developing solutions founded on human needs and ethics. Her coursework helps them plan for projects so that they know product roadmap development and stakeholder communication.

She has a master's degree in innovation planning from the Institute of Design, IIT, and a Bachelor's in Visual Communication from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Her most important role is raising her ferociously independent daughter with her husband and finding time to travel and make art.

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