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The SDN offers three types of accreditation:

Service Design
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Master Trainer
Service Design Practitioner


  • Service design training or 1+ year of experience

  • Completion of 1 capstone/training project

  • Meet core competencies as a service design practitioner



Service Design Master

The Service Design Master Trainer/Coach teaches fundamental skills in service design and additionally has practical service design experience, as well as having conducted a relevant set of service design projects in companies or organisations him-/herself.He/she is familiar with advanced service design literature and new research findings, as well as being familiar with a broad set of case studies from different areas, and he or she is able to cross refer to this body of knowledge.


The Service Design Master Trainer/Coach is familiar with the complexity of change processes that are initiated through service design. He/she knows how to identify relevant stakeholders within complex systems and how to design the service design process in order to drive it towards implementation. He/she has practical experience with controlling service quality after implementation. The participants in advanced training sessions offered by the Master Trainer/Coach are already familiar with the basic processes, methodologies and terminologies of service design. The participants shall learn how to design a professional service design project within an organisation and how to facilitate it. A Service Design Master Trainer/Coach is capable of supervising the participants in the course within their own approach to apply service design within organisations.

Master Trainer
Service Design Professional

The Service Design Trainer teaches fundamental knowledge about service design in a professional and state-of-the-art approach. He or she provides theory, methodology and practical exercises within training/enabling sessions in order to give the participants a solid understanding of the “Why”, “What” and “How” of service design and provides inspiring hands-on experience in using service design methods and tools. He/she is fully familiar with the service design process and terminology along with the fundamental service design literature and is able to cross refer and recommend related to this knowledge. The Service Design Trainer is able to clearly articulate and contextualises the benefits of service design based on the client’s business or circumstance.


What are the benefits of being an Accredited Master Trainer or Trainer?


As an SDN Accredited Service Design Trainer, you’ll not only have a two-year certification for your training activities but also benefit from the following.

  • A two-year SDN professional membership (worth €360), including all member benefits

  • An official accreditation badge on your personal SDN member profile

  • Tagged as an accredited trainer, so potential clients will easily find your profile

  • Your self-assessment report visible to the community

  • Promotional material to show your accreditation on your own media channels

  • Endorsement to award SDN co-branded certificates of participation to the participants of your training courses

  • Discounted SDN memberships to give participants of your training sessions

  • Recognition and promotion of your activities on SDN media channels


How does the accreditation work?

To become an Accredited Service Design Trainer, you’ll first need to register and start your self-assessment. After you’ve finished filling out the self-assessment, it’s submitted to the SDN Accreditation Committee. Qualified applicants will be invited for a virtual interviewwithin 4 weeks after submission. After a successful interview, you’ll receive our official accreditation within 2 weeks. Read more about the accreditation process on our FAQ page.

The SDN's official accreditation initiative helps establish a standard and ensure higher quality within the field

What does it cost to become accredited?

Your accreditation lasts two years and costs €1,620 (including VAT) for existing SDN members or €1,800 (including VAT) for non-members. The price includes a two-year professional SDN membership (worth €360). A non-refundable down payment of €180 will be charged when submitting your self-assessment. The remainder accreditation fee will be charged only after and if you are successfully accredited by SDN. 

If your company is seeking to secure accreditation for several people at once (3 or more), feel free to contact us to discuss an applicable discount.

How do I learn more about the process?

A full description of the process, the information required, and the accreditation commission is available on the SDN website.

How do I get accredited?

The first step to get your accreditation is to complete the self-assessment. The questions are based on our research and aligned with what clients want to know about potential providers of service design training. After successfully completing this first step, you’ll receive an invitation for a virtual interview with our Accreditation Committee. A successful interview leads to certification as an SDN Accredited Trainer.

The accreditation process currently takes place on the website of the SDN ( To begin the process, you need to have a login to the website. If you aren't registered (as a free Community Follower, or with a paid SDN membership), please register here first.

Questions about accreditation

Please contact us if you have any questions about Master Trainer and Trainer accreditation.

Accreditation newsletter

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