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Service Design Logic:
From Keywords to Blueprints

A course with SDN Acc. Master Mauricio Manhaes

Early-bird Tickets end: Mar 19, 2024

Registration deadline: Apr 19, 2024


Dates:  April 19 - May 24, 2024
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Modules: 2 PM to 5 PM CEST (GMT+2)

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Course level:


Location: Zoom

Platform details will be shared with course registrants prior to course


Mauricio Manhães (he/him)
SDN Acc. Master

manhaes-small - Mauricio Manhães.jpg

What to expect?

Do you want to learn how to design innovative services that push the boundaries of what’s possible? If yes, then this course is for you. Discover how to leverage the power of Language, AI, and service design principles to create exceptional service experiences in this 6-week online course. You will learn how to use language to shape perceptions, memories, and values and how to use AI to generate and evaluate ideas. You will also learn how to design value architectures, craft service concepts, map service journeys, prototype solutions, and test outcomes. Join us for this cutting-edge program and be at the forefront of service innovation.

Course learning objectives

  • How to use Language and AI to generate innovative ideas for new services and uncover valuable insights and customer needs; 

  • How to design value architectures and desirability for new services using service design principles and frameworks; 

  • How to craft compelling service concepts, Epic Themes, User Stories, and Enabler Stories that align with customer expectations and organizational capabilities; 

  • How to support stakeholder conversations with service maps that visualize the service journeys and touchpoints; 

  • How to prototype and test service concepts using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies; 

  • How to apply iterative design and continuous improvement strategies to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

Who is this course for?

This workshop is designed for professionals who are interested in or involved in creating, delivering, or improving services across various industries. The course is suitable for roles such as Service designers, Design researchers, UX designers, Product managers, Business analysts, Innovation managers, Customer experience managers, Marketing managers, Project managers, and Consultants.

The course is also relevant for anyone who wants to learn how to use Language, AI, and service design principles to create innovative and customer-centric services.


Next to the 6 online modules, participants will have access to a complimentary 60-day subscription to the SDL Community’s 24/7 expert AI.ssistant on the platform. 

For participants who have previously registered for the 3-hour online workshop, "From Keywords to Blueprints Workshop: an AI-Ready Service Design Framework," the investment made for the workshop will be discounted from this course's full registration price.


This SDN Academy course fee is billed at registration and includes: 

  • Your access to a complimentary one-year subscription to the SDL Community’s 24/7 expert AI.ssistant on the platform and 

  • One year of SDN Professional Membership with all connected benefits. 

  • Registration: 2.320,00 Euros.

Financial Inclusion

We, as the Service Design Network, support financial inclusion as part of our DEI mission (Diversity, Equity and, Inclusion), based on the world bank clusters. So, if you think you are eligible, please contact us at

High income

Full training fee

Upper middle


Receive 25% discount

on the training fee

Lower middle


Receive 50% discount

on the training fee

Low income

Receive 75% discount

on the training fee


Week 1
  • Definitions

    • Design

    • Service Phenomenological Experience

  • SDL-KB Framework 

    • Phase 1 - Start Service Design Project

    • Phase 2 - Stakeholders Identification

Week 2
  • Definitions

    • Service

    • Service Phenomenological Experience

  • SDL-KB Framework

    • Phase 3 - Possible Entry Points

    • Phase 4 - Best Available Knowledge Report (B.A.K.R.)

Week 3
  • Definitions

    • Language

  • SDL-KB Framework

    • Phase 5 - Associative Memory Networks

    • Phase 6 - Service Concepts

Week 4
  • Definitions

    • Service Design

  • SDL-KB Framework

    • Phase 7 - Service Encounters

    • Phase 8 - Core-Service Encounter

Week 5
  • Definitions

    • Service Design + AI

  • SDL-KB Framework 

    • Phase 9 - Service Journey

    • Phase 10 - Service Blueprint

Week 6 
  • Definitions

    • Services + AI

  • SDL-KB Framework 

    • Phase 11 - Service Design Deliverables

    • Phase 12 - End Service Design Project


Dates and Times

Course Dates and Times

Module 1: April 19, 2024
Module 2: April 26, 2024
Module 3: May 3, 2024

Module 4: May 10, 2024

Module 5: May 17, 2024
Module 6: May 24, 2024


All sessions will take place on Fridays from 2 pm to 5 pm CEST (8 am to 11 am EST).


*Registration limited to a maximum of 15 people
*Costs include the full program plus two years of SDN membership
*First Session 50% discounted





*Early Bird deadline: March 19, 2024
*Registration deadline: April 19, 2024

  • What is the Service Design Network Academy?
    The SDN Academy is an educational initiative introduced by the Service Design Network (SDN) in 2019. Offering a series of continuing education courses for seasoned practitioners and service design newbies alike, our academy is committed to advancing practitioner knowledge by sharing insights on the latest tools, methods and techniques shaping the future of our industry.
  • What are the criteria for enrolling in a course?
    We do not have specified prerequisites attached to our courses. Nevertheless, our course descriptions provide a clear understanding of the content to be delivered. We, therefore, encourage interested participants to read them carefully and self-identify if the course is the right level based on their background and needs.
  • Where are the courses offered and in which languages?
    Our academy is a global initiative with the objective of providing courses in a multitude of languages. New courses (and their respective language offering) are added to our website on a regular basis. We encourage interested participants to review the program page here to learn more.
  • Do you offer discounts on your lectures & courses?
    We at SDN believe that everyone should get the possibility to join our lectures & courses. If you feel that the prices we offer are too high for your current living situation, please feel free to reach out to us at Service Design Network Members receive a 15% Discount on SDN Academy Tickets. Learn more about the SDN and our Membership here. Service Design Network Student Members receive a 50% Discount Code on SDN Academy Tickets. Learn more about the SDN and our Membership here.
  • Do you offer in-house training programs?
    The academy is pleased to offer customised, in-house training for companies, agencies and academic institutions alike. Inquiries can be directed here.
  • Do I receive a certificate upon completion of a course?
    Yes! Successful completion of some of the courses offered entitles you to an official SDN Academy certificate. More information can be find on the course page.
  • How do I become a trainer?
    SDN is always happy to welcome new members into our group of expert trainers. To ensure we work with the best, we have incorporated a rigorous application process which includes a self-assessment and interview with our accreditation board. To learn more, please see here.
  • How much do academy courses cost?
    Our academy courses vary in price. We recommend that you review the program page here to get an understanding of associated costs.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept the following means of payment: Credit/debit cards, PayPal, SEPA Direct Debit or Invoice. The availability of means of payment may be affected by your location.
  • What is the cancellation/refund policy?
    You may cancel a course up to 30 days prior to, in order to get a full refund. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page to learn more.
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