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服务设计的时代机遇 - 
The Era of Opportunity for Service Design

A course by Cathy Huang


Dates:   on-demand

Duration:  45 min



Course level:


Location: Thinkific

Platform details will be shared with course registrants after registration

Cathy Huang (she/her)
CBi China Bridge

Cathy Huang-01.png

What to expect?

With the transformation of global industrial structure from "industrial-based economy" to "service oriented economy", service design has emerged as the product of the new era. It is not only a new-rising subject but also a systematic methodology. It is the entire business system related to design and service, which helps you to grasp new thinking for the business world in the post-product era, and gains insight into innovation, then push the limit of growth.

In January of this year, eight ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Education jointly issued a document on supporting service design. Data released by Economic Daily: the import and export of emerging services driven by service design reached 1460.01 billion yuan, an increase by 11.1%, 4.3 percentage points higher than the overall growth rate, accounting for 31.1%, increased by a percentage of 1.2. This course will break the geographical barriers and take you into the world of service design in an hour.

€18  €20

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