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Systems Thinking: The Yin and the Yang sides

A course by Arash Golnam


SDN Academy on-demand

Duration:  6 hours




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Location: Thinkific

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Arash Golnam (he/him)
Design Dissolve

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What to expect?

Systems thinking is more than just a toolkit; it's an initiation into an attitude that offers a lens to perceive the complexity and dynamism of our world. Through this course, learners will develop the essential attitude of thinking in systems, reflecting on thought patterns, comprehending relationships, connections, and interrelations, and exploring a wide variety of disciplines. By the end, students will be equipped with both the imaginative and technical aspects of systems thinking, ready to face uncertainty with creativity, intuition, and critical analytical skills.

What are the takeaways from this training?

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of systems thinking.

  • Reflect on personal ways of learning and thought processes.

  • Recognize relationships, connections, and patterns in various disciplines.

  • Master technical tools for mapping complex systems.

  • Apply systems thinking in various fields and in solving real-world problems

Who is this course for?

Service designers, systemic designers, UX Designers, anyone interested in the intersection between systems thinking and design.


Introduction to the Course


Introduction to the Course


Systems Thinking: The Yin Side


Systems Thinking: The Yang Side

1) Wholeness vs Fragmentation

2) The Four Levels of Understanding

3) Solving Versus Dissolving Problems

4) Understanding Emergence

5) Wandering and Lateral Thinking

6) Patterns that Connect: Diving Deep Into Metaphors

1) Models, Conceptualization and Sensemaking

2) Introduction to Causal Loop Diagrams
3) Creating Simple Causal Loop Diagrams

4) Creating Advanced Causal Loop Diagrams


The Yin Side of Systems Thinking

Embark on a journey into the imaginative and creative realms of systems thinking. The Yin side is designed to foster a philosophical, creative, and imaginative space that nurtures a genuine systems attitude.

Outline of Contents:

  • Wholeness in Systems Thinking: Understand the overarching philosophy of looking at things holistically.

  • Learning in Complexity: Techniques and approaches to understand and navigate complex systems.

  • Problem Dissolution vs. Solution: Uncover the differences between dissolving and solving issues.

  • Emergence in Systems: Delve into the concept of emergence and its significance in systems.

  • Thinking Dimensions: Explore lateral vs. vertical thinking and their applications.

  • Patterns, Metaphors, and Analogies: Dive into the world of patterns and learn how metaphors and analogies shape our understanding of systems.


The Yang Side of Systems Thinking

Venture into the technical realm of systems thinking. The Yang side offers a structured approach, introducing technical tools and methodologies for a more analytical understanding of systems.

Outline of Contents:

  • Causal Loop Diagramming: Learn this mapping technique to visualize causal relationships in complex systems.

  • Feedback Types: Understand reinforcing and balancing feedback and their implications.

  • Delays in Complex Systems: Grasp the concept of delays and their effects.

  • Patterns of Behavior in Systems: Explore behaviors like reinforcing behavior, goal-seeking, and oscillations.

  • Systems Archetypes: Unveil systems archetypes such as limits to growth and shifting the burden.

  • Leverage Points and Interventions: Identify crucial points to intervene in systems and learn the strategies for effective interventions.

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