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Build Your Way a Better {Problem Statement} with Roman Schoeneboom

SDN Acc. Master Roman Schoeneboom

We live in a complex world where old management mindsets no longer work and face new types of problems. But how do we reduce complexity? According to SDN Accredited Master Roman Schoeneboom, the answer is Problem Framing! The concept of Problem Framing entails complex or complicated content that is not simplified but thoroughly designed and newly 'framed'.

In his previous course “Problem Framing 2.0”, a basic introduction into the topic, Roman explained the importance of framing the problem, and taught the 5-step Problem Framing Structure. His new advanced course on November, “Build Your Way a Better Problem Statement” will take the problem framing skills to the next level.

"No matter what you are working on, {problem framing} will help you and your team make better decisions faster."

In the session participants will:

  • Understand the importance of problem framing

  • View examples of real life problem statements

  • Bring their own (work) related issue(s)/challenge(s)

  • Compare and choose a relevant framing template

  • Frame their own statement

  • (In a safe environment) review the statement and receive feedback

  • Iterate upon on the feedback, ask additional questions (if needed)

  • Test their finalised problem statement, i.e. with the ‘Elevator-Test’

Roman Schoeneboom is Business Transformation & Innovation Lead at EY, as well as Certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator, keynote speaker, social democrat, avid drummer and SDN Accredited Service Design Master.

Interested? Join the workshop in November here.


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