Service Design Leadership Lab with Dr Tina Weisser

Updated: May 25

Nowadays, leading (service design) teams is a very responsible and demanding task in both traditional and agile organisations. But how do you become the kind of leader that people would love to follow?

The Service Design Academy is pleased to welcome back Dr Tina Weisser starting June 22, 2022 for her new course, Service Design Leadership Lab. This course aims to enhance your leadership skills holistically, addressing these three dimensions: leading yourself, leading your team, and leading the organisation.


"Leadership starts with knowing yourself."

Dr. Tina Weisser


Regarding the course, Dr Tina Weisser says, "There will be a rich blend of different

formats (inspiring theory and lectures, interactive sessions, peer-to-peer reflection, self assessments and case clinics) to support you in working on your real-work situations. You will also be able to connect to like-minded people in a safe space and learn from the experiences of others. Every participant will be matched to another participant, his, or her "Buddy". The theoretical impulses will encourage you to rethink or develop your own leadership attitude."

The two-month learning journey is designed to support current or prospective leaders in managing their broad range of daily tasks.

What are the takeaways from this training?

  • Develop your own leadership role and attitude by applying a set of methods, tools, and mental maps

  • Use a „Transformation Architect Tool Box“ for leaders and know about their impact

  • Reflect on your own behaviour through self-assessments and reflecting on real situations

  • Learn about different theories on how to empower and motivate your team

  • Be a catalyst for empowering your organisation to embed service design

  • Foster an innovative and creative mindset

  • Transfer learned models and theories to your real work situations through hands-on activities

  • Connect with other leaders, sharing insights and learnings in a „safe space“

  • Become the leader that people would love to follow

Join us starting June 22, 2022 at the SDN Academy! Learn more about the course "Service Design Leadership Lab" here.

Dr. Tina Weisser (SDMT)

Dr Tina Weisser advises and supports companies as innovation and organisational consultant. Her focus is on customer-centred innovation ("user-driven innovation"), service design strategy through to implementation and the associated systemic organisational consulting (customers include BMW, Lufthansa). She is a certified Service Design Master Trainer (SDN). On her "business journey" she was influenced by her entrepreneurial background (founding of a start-up at the age of 24, its successful sale at the age of 32), her roots in engineering (graduated architect) and in humanities (study of psychology) embossed.


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