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Great leadership starts with knowing yourself!

Do you understand the impact that you are having on your team and your organisation? Well, then it's time! Reflecting on your strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style is crucial for leading your team or organisation. Recognizing how your actions, decisions, and communication affect those around you can help you foster a positive and productive work environment.

Here are 5 Tips for Leadership in Service Design:


  1. START WITH YOURSELF Know your strengths and weaknesses

  2. ENSURE clarity about vision, mission, and expectations

  3. BE HUMBLE “Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real” Thomas Merton

  4. EMBRACE a failure culture and admit when you don’t know

  5. ENCOURAGE honest feedback and regular time for joint reflection

American author and motivational speaker, John C. Maxwell:

"You must first lead yourself before you can lead others." 

Want to learn how?


Join us on July 4 for the next edition of the Service Design Leadership Lab at the SDN Academy!

This two-month learning journey is designed to support current or prospective leaders in managing their broad range of daily tasks. The course aims to enhance your leadership skills holistically, addressing these three dimensions: leading yourself, leading your team, and leading the organisation.


What are the takeaways from this training?​

  • Develop your own leadership role and attitude by applying a set of methods, tools, and mental maps

  • Use a "Transformation Architect Tool Box“ for leaders and know about their impact

  • Reflect on your own behaviour through self-assessments and reflecting on real situations

  • Learn about different theories on how to empower and motivate your team

  • Become the leader that people would love to follow and much more!


Reading recommendations for Service Design Leadership:

Free for SDN Member

The past years have seen plenty of discussion around the terms ‘service design thinking’ and ‘service design doing’. In this issue, we feel it’s time to get a better understanding of ‘service design leading’. After all, that is how much of the thinking and doing gets done.



Service Design
Masterclasses Series

Sept 20 - Nov 26, 2024

SDNA online live course

Course language:



An 8-week, 8-module, online accreditation course relevant for established service designers looking to widen their horizons, advance their careers and increase their impact.

Journey Management

Sept 10-12, 2024

SDNA online live course

Course language:



Learn how to bring journey mapping from a simple workshop tool to an interconnected information system in organizations.

From Keywords to Blueprints: An AI-Ready Service Design Framework

Aug 9 & 16, 2024

SDNA online live course

Course language:



Join us for a sneak peek at how to design innovative services that go beyond the ordinary.

Systems Thinking: The Yin and the Yang sides

on-demand course

SDNA on-demand curse

Course language:



Through this course, learners will develop the essential attitude of thinking in systems, reflecting on thought patterns, comprehending relationships, connections, and interrelations, and exploring a wide variety of disciplines.

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