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Service Design Day 2022: Do Good - Give Back!

On June 1, the service design community will come together in recognition of Service Design Day, an occasion designed to acknowledge the power of service design, especially in these challenging times.

The need to reassess how we operate as a society has never been greater as the world continues to cope with the effects that the pandemic and ongoing wars have had on global communities, economies, and social networks. As service designers, we recognise the importance of our work in these uncertain times, which is why we're excited to announce that this year's Service Design Day (June 1, 2022) will continue the "Do Good - Give Back" campaign. With its launch, we invite all practitioners, students, agencies, and academics from all across the globe to join in and lend your support to those organisations most in need of your services.

We are pleased to invite you to join the SDN organised activities on June 1!

Service Design Day: Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At the SDN, we have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our community, the business, and in the society. Our aim is to help our community members make substantial, lasting performance improvements not just in their organisations, but also for clients by helping attract, develop, excite, and retain exceptional people.

Host: Dr. Vidya Priya Rao

Speakers: Namitha Anand, Sumit Agarwal, Nuksu Aalto, Tina Vinod, Marissa Ellis, Birgit Mager and Ishan Jha

Date and time: June 1, 4PM - 7:30PM (CEST)


Our Service Design Day Theme this year is again "Do Good - Give Back!" a theme we felt appropriately aligned with all the challenges currently facing society. We at the SDN Academy want to thank you for all your support for our online learning platform. It is because of your commitment that it has been such a success. So this is for you: A 10% Discount on all SDN Academy courses! Just use the discount code: SDDAY2022

*only on June 1st (CEST TIME ZONE)! *only on SDN Academy courses!


We are delighted to announce that registration for the Service Design Global Conference 2022 will open on Service Design Day, June 1! To mark this special day, we are offering a 10% discount on our virtual tickets. The discount will be available with a promo code which will be published on the conference website. The conference will take place on October 13-14, in the amazing city of Copenhagen—and will also be virtual for our first fully hybrid event.

The theme for this year’s Service Design Global Conference is Courage to Design for Good. The conference, in partnership with the SDN Danish Chapter and the Danish Design Center, will focus on how we as the service design community establish the courage to set a different agenda both in the products and services we design and in our communities and organisations.

The world faces imminent and obvious challenges, both socially and environmentally. Tough decisions lie ahead for everybody, the service design community included. We need courage to push away from current trajectories, shaping a better tomorrow. A tomorrow that is more regenerative, more just, more resilient, more thriving—more good.

To register for the conference on June 1, please visit the conference website. We look forward to seeing you in October!


As part of our celebration, we would like to offer the SDN community to take part in the Accreditation Programme with a special 25% discount!

The SDN Accreditation is the perfect opportunity to showcase your experience within the service design practice and expand your engagement within the service design community. Earn recognition by getting your SDN Accredited Service Design title that validates your competency in service design and be perceived as an ambassador in your community!

For Practitioner level register here with this code: sdday-accreditation-25-off

For Professional and Master levels, please contact us:

25% - 50% discount on Touchpoint , June 1 - June 5

Dear Touchpoint enthusiasts, we have great news!

In occasion of the Service Design Day 2022, we are giving you the opportunity of getting your discounted printed copy of Touchpoint! Our Touchpoint issues collect great content from our community of Service Designers, - here's a selection we made for you:

  • Touchpoint Vol. 9 No. 3 “Service Design at Scale"

  • Touchpoint Vol. 10 No. 1 “From Design to Implementation”

  • Touchpoint Vol. 10 No. 3 “Managing Service Design"

  • Touchpoint Vol. 11 No. 1 ”Service Design for Innovation and Start-ups"

  • Touchpoint Vol. 11 No. 2 “Experience Prototyping"

  • Touchpoint Vol. 11 No. 3 “Service Design and Change Management”

From the 1st to the 5th of June you can get 25% off on the purchase of one selected copy, and up to 50% off on the purchase of a minimum of 3 or more copies.

Let us know which ones are your favourite, and get in contact with us to get your order!

Get in contact at


Designers Enhance Your Skills with Improv

Oct 4, 2023

SDNA online live course

Course language:



Discover and experience key values of the improv applicable to service design.

Service Design Leadership Lab

Oct 19, 2023 - Jan 22, 2024

SDNA online live course

Course language:



Nowadays, leading (service design) teams is a very responsible and demanding task in both traditional and agile organisations. This 4-module learning journey is designed to support current or prospective leaders in managing their broad range of daily tasks.

Service Design Logic: From Keywords to Blueprints

Nov 3, 2023 - Jan26, 2024

SDNA online live course

Course language:



Discover how to leverage the power of Language, AI, and service design principles to create exceptional service experiences in this 10-week online course.

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