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Successfully Implementing Service Design Projects

Why is the success rate in implementing service design projects still low? Why do brilliant concepts fail when it comes to anchoring them in the daily business of the client organisation?

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Watching your project go beyond the concept phase to implementation reality is the utmost goal of all service designers. Creating true value for your clients and their customer requires the kind of mindset that puts a high-level focus on ensuring implementation is a part of your ultimate strategy. SDN Master Trainer Dr Tina Weisser has developed a one-day workshop entitled Service Design Implementation (March 4), to help get you thinking about implementation at the right time while ensuring you have the appropriate tools to support your efforts along the way.

See Dr Tina Weisser illustrate best-practise-approach during the course using the KUER model. This model, developed during her doctoral thesis, was in response to the lack of service design research which offers comprehensive analysis and structure and the influencing factors in the implementation of projects.

Prepare your projects for “real-world” application by taking a deep dive into the factors connected to success.

Do you want to read more about Service Design Implementation? Have a look at this Article about "Successfully Implementing Service Design Projects" by Dr. Tina Weisser:

This article by Tina Weisser is part of Touchpoint Vol. 10 No. 1 - From Design to Implementation. Discover the full list of articles of this Touchpoint issue to get a sneak peek at more fascinating articles! Touchpoint is available to purchase in print and PDF format.


Service Design Training

Postponed, no date confirmed

Ghent, Belgium

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Delivering successful services means changing the way we work. With this two-day training, we give you the tools and knowledge to implement successful services over time.

Lehrgang 2020

8-9 Okt, 19-20 Nov, 7-8 Dez 2020

Berlin, Germany

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Ein sechstägiger Intensivkurs zum Erlernen des service design auf dem einzigartigen Veranstaltungsgelände des SDN in Köln.