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New course! Service Design and Implementation

The SDN Academy is pleased to welcome Dr. Tina Weisser to its trainer community, who will be providing a new training on 'Service Design and Implementation'.

Tina has researched the challenge of implementation for service design, which was the focus of her PhD thesis. She has developed an in-depth course that will help service designers tackle this perennial challenge.

Course description

Objectives: Successfully implementing service design projects is crucial to create an impact for companies and service designers. This one-day workshop will reflect on strategies to ensure that user experience concepts aren‘t blocked internally and get removed from the priority list or fail on the market. The workshop will help you to start thinking about implementation at the right time and have everything in place that you‘ll need on the way. It will reflect with you on the relationship of service design implementation and organizational design and agile ways of working? And it will provide methods that support you and your team working on complex user-centric initiatives.

What to expect: In this workshop we will approach the topic of implementation from different directions. You will learn how to set up an implementation process and learn about the underlying principles of service design transformation. We will introduce you to the most relevant success factors to create an impact. We will analyse and reflect transformation case studies and also your own projects.

Who is the workshop for: Service Designers, Innovation managers, UX managers, Agile coaches

Dates and locations

The course will take place as follows:

October 2019

Cologne, Germany

Date to be announced

Click here for more info

November 2019

Munich, Germany

Date to be announced Click here for more info

Stay tuned

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