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Service Design Practitioner Curriculum - Cohort February 2022

The second edition of the Service Design Practitioner Curriculum wrapped on May 2nd, 2022, giving participants the opportunity to finalise their Practitioner Accreditation in the following weeks.

Now, we are glad to announce the second Cohort of Practitioners Curriculum Course!

A warm welcome to our alumni, central members of the SDN community, acting as ambassadors for new Service Design Practitioners sharing their knowledge and experience.

The Service Design Practitioners Curriculum aims to guide anyone who wants to learn the basics of service design - either a starting point for a career in service design or as a foundation to select service design teams.

As a fellow, you’ll build a solid foundation for your service design practice, gather theoretical foundations, methodological skills and practical experience, earn a recognised practitioner accreditation – and go on to carve out a service design career path.

Interested in this training? You can now pre-register for the next edition coming up in September 2022. Let us know in the form where you are from and your preferred time frame and we will do our best to accommodate. Sign up here.

Get to know more about the programme >> SDN Academy

Financial Inclusion

We at the SDN support financial inclusion as part of our DEI mission (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), based on the world bank clusters. Please note that a supplemental list is also available for countries not registered within this index due to being territories of other countries or smaller independent nations.

Practitioner Accreditation

The SDN Accreditation Program is an independent certification confirming that you have met established criteria and competencies within the field of service design. Learn more about the Accreditation Process here.


Service Design Practitioner Curriculum (Training + Accreditation)

Jan 19 - Apr 12, 2024

SDNA online live course

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The Service Design Practitioner Curriculum is designed for those who want to build a solid foundation of service design practice and gather theoretical foundations, methodological skills, and practical experience.

Facilitating Creative Sessions

Jan 24 - Mar 14 , 2023

SDNA online live course

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"Facilitating Creative Sessions" is a comprehensive course that prepares participants to lead effective group sessions in creative processes by teaching them essential facilitation skills. This course, designed for designers and professionals, combines theory, practical exercises, and feedback to improve facilitation techniques and soft skills.

Systems Thinking: The Yin and the Yang sides

on-demand course

SDNA on-demand curse

Course language:



Through this course, learners will develop the essential attitude of thinking in systems, reflecting on thought patterns, comprehending relationships, connections, and interrelations, and exploring a wide variety of disciplines.

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