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Let's talk about Strategic Design in Organisations!

Today, more than ever, the role of design is to shape human needs as we deliver new service models to improve human lives. As design professionals, we continue to experiment with new ways to provide solutions for complex problems.

During the two-part course "Strategic Design in Organisations" with SDN Acc. Master Carol Massá you will learn about the role of service design in organisations today, identify design challenges from an inside and outside-in perspective, and ultimately start to take actions to close gaps between people, processes, policies, and platforms in your organisation.

What is Strategic Design?

Strategic Design ... #1 - ... is the ways in which designers can apply their skills in a strategic setting.

#2 - ... is the application of service design.

#3 - ... is the interconnected layer in organisations to bridge the gap between an idea and implementation.

#4 - ... takes a village and is about partnerships with key stakeholders in the organisation.

#5 - ... ensures consumer and business needs are being met.

What are the takeaways from this training?​

  • Introduce key service design concepts that help convey the value of the practice and how to get buy-in to do this work

  • Share insights on main challenges when doing this work in mid to large size organisations

  • Illustrate how service design acts as an strategic connector between departments in corporate and consultancy settings

  • Empower participants to become cultural change agents in their organisations

The workshop is aimed at Service Designers, UX Designers, Design Researchers, Experience Designers, Experience Strategists. If you're interested in attending but you can't afford it, the SDN supports financial inclusion as part of their DEI mission, so feel free to reach out to them at

This workshop provides a valuable opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge needed to develop a strategic mind-set to apply Service Design in your organisation. So mark your calendars for August 9-10, 2023 and join the SDN Academy for this exciting workshop!

About the trainer:

Carol Massá is a multi-disciplinary designer that has worked in different fields of design. For the past ten years, she has worked with graphic design, branding, advertising and most recently consulting and mentoring Fortune 500 companies through a service-design approach. Today, she is a Design Manager at AdventHealth Central Florida Division, helping the organisation deliver meaningful healthcare service experiences. Her mantra is to empower people and organisations for change and foster innovation.

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