On-demand Russian and Chinese Courses Kick-off

Updated: Apr 7

We at the SDN Academy recognise that sometimes attending our live, online courses does not necessarily fit into your day's hectic schedule. That is why we are (quietly) debuting a new on-demand platform to support those of you who require online learning opportunities outside of standard business hours.

Welcome to the SDN Academy on-demand!

The SDN Academy is launching this new initiative to provide practitioners of all levels, compelling content via 24/7 access to their purchased programming. Watch, stop and come back later to your courses as many times and as often as you like. On-demand courses also offer the added benefit of a course preview, to help ensure a course meets your expectations prior to purchase!

On-demand Course Offering

To start, we are pleased to release two original courses from two acclaimed and seasoned professional trainers.

For our Russian-speaking community, Accredited Trainer Olga Strelnyk has developed a nine-hour, fully-immersive programme designed to 1) delve deep into the topic of service design 2) learn about the various methods/tools in its application and 3) genuinely understand how the practice is positioned to solve real-world challenges.

That’s service design education from A-Z.

Learn more about what the course offers here.

The second course in our on-demand line-up comes from invited trainer Cathy Huang. This Chinese-language program looks to explore how service design has emerged as a product of a new era thanks to the transformation of global industrial structures from "industrial-based economy" to a "service-oriented economy", from her perspective in China. Watch Cathy break the geographical barriers and take you, in under an hour, into the new world applications of service design.

Learn more here.

SDN Academy on-demand: learning on your time, at your own pace.

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Resilient Strategic Planning &
Activation Using Service Design

19,20,24,25 May

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Strategic Design in Organisations

04-05 May 2021

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Morphology tension models -
how to design and quantify them

22 April 2021

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Service Design Management - setting the stage for Implementation

08&15 July 2021

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